Q. What is the cancellation policy?
A. Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance. If they are made in less than 48 hours, every attempt will be made to fill your opening. If the opening is not filled, you will be charged for the trip. See Terms and Conditions policy.
Q. Do guests need reservations?
A. Yes. Reservations can easily be made through the concierge or front desk.
Q. Do guests need tickets?
A. No. Through the reservation system, an automated email will be generated and sent to the hotel and guest with specific directions to the dock.
Q. Is there telephone service on the boat?
A. Although most areas inshore have reception, most offshore excursions do not have phone service. If you chose to have your cell phone with you, remember, cell phones and salt water do not mix well. Consider leaving the phone behind or putting it in a plastic bag.
Q. If we are delayed getting to the launch site at the appointed time, what can we do?

dd>A. The USOBE confirmation will have the contact information, including a local cell number. It will also have the number for the USOBE customer service desk. Call us!

Q. How can I pay for my booking?
A. All major credit cards are accepted, including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, as well as Paypal.
Q. Will there be other guests on the boat?
A. We offer a variety of excursions. While most are private excursions, we do have a few multi-person excursions.
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Q. What is the quality of your Captains?
A. Each Captain associated with USOBE is a United States Coast Guard licensed professional. Additionally, they are licensed by their state of operation, insured and approved. You can be assured these are the finest men and women Captains in the industry.
Q. What precautions are taken for safety during our trip?
A. The Captains that associate with USOBE are United States Coast Guard licensed professionals, trained to work for safety first on any boating trip. Weather and water conditions, equipment performance, surplus traffic on the waterways, health and behavior of passengers, etc., can all affect safety. The Captain has complete authority over these decisions.
Q. What equipment or things should guests bring?
A. Each boat is equipped with all the necessary tools for your safety and enjoyment, including PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices) required by law. You should bring clothing as appropriate for the weather and time of year, sun barrier devices including sunscreen and/or hats, personal electronic devices (cell phones, I-pods, cameras, etc.) food and your own beverages. Spray sunscreen is not recommended for use on a boat. If you choose to use a spray, please apply it prior to boarding the boat.
Q. What are the best times to see wildlife, dolphins, etc.?
A. This will vary tremendously from area to area. The change in seasons, water temperature, etc., will have major impact on what wildlife is around and their activities. Each Captain can give you specifics on their area for the time you plan to go.
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Boating Excursions

Q. If guests catch fish, do they have to release it?
A. All USOBE Captains are informed of the applicable regulations regarding catch and keep requirements in their waters and adhere to them exactly. Many do recommend or practice catch and release to ensure the viability of fish stocks into the future. This is something you and your Captain will discuss prior to leaving.
Q. Do I need a fishing license?
A. If you are fishing with a USCG licensed captain, you will not need a fishing license.
Q. How many people will the boat hold?
A. For most private excursions, you cannot exceed six passengers per boat. You can request boats and yachts that will accommodate more. Every effort will be made to meet your request.
Q. Can you take guest to the beach?
A. Most of the popular beaches in the US and Canada are accessible by car, however, there are a few barrier islands with beautiful beaches that are available for walking and eco-touring. The list of these is too long to place here, but you can ask the Captain about the possibility in your vacation area
Q. Can guests bring a pet?
A. Captains generally do not allow pets. Please understand that pets that are not accustomed to water travel may not enjoy the trip, and in some cases it may not be safe to bring them along.
Q. Who can go boating?
A. Practically everyone! USOBE does not place restrictions on those persons wishing to book an excursion. Captains have discretion to refuse passengers not able to accommodate the use of personal flotation devices. It is not recommended that children under six go offshore.
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Q. Are meals provided?
A. In many areas your hotel can provide food and beverage services. Captains generally provide bottled water.
Q. Are guests allowed to cook-out?
A. Few yachts and boats allow open-flame cooking onboard. There is the possibility that a special event could be arranged where you travel to a beach or island where that could provided.
Q. Can guests bring their own food?
A. Yes, there is room for you to bring a regular-size cooler or food hamper.
Q. Are guests allowed to bring alcohol on the boat?
A. That is up to the individual captain. Each Captain has the authority to allow beverage types on his boat. Most Captains that do allow alcoholic beverages limit the choice to beer or wine only and most do not allow glass containers.
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General Questions

Q. What happens if someone gets sick?
A. ‘Sick’ has a lot of meanings, but each Captain has discretion on whether a situation requires cutting a trip short and returning to land for safety purposes. The biggest concern is sea sickness. This is not usually a problem on inshore excursions. If you are concerned and going offshore, talk with your physician about medical solutions. There are several over the counter solutions available.
Q. Are there restrooms on the boat?
A. Typically, boats under 25 feet in length will NOT have a restroom (called a ‘head’ on a boat or ship). HOWEVER, only the larger boats (35′ or longer) will have an actual restroom of any size. Most sporting boats under 35′ have a very small space, about the size of a half-closet, with a sink and toilet. Generally, you are unable to stand up in these heads. The type of boat has a major influence on whether a head of any size is built in.
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Boat Accessibility

Q. Can we accommodate wheelchairs?
A. The challenge is getting them from the dock to the boat. The larger tour boats are more easily accessible for tours as the guest could be rolled on board. Ours boats are generally small, private tours. Our bay boats have carried paraplegic guests before. The guest would have to be picked up to get onto our boats. The wheel chair would fit on the front of the boat for him to sit on. All captains are red cross certified as a requirement of the USCG. It would be more private on our tour. It depends on your circumstances and what you are looking for from an excursion.
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Q. What if there’s bad weather the day of our outing?
A. Our Captains are extremely concerned about your safety on the water and have the authority and experience necessary to decide whether to take a party out or not. This decision could actually be made right up to the point of departure or a trip could be cut short by deteriorating weather conditions. If possible, all efforts will be made to adjust the time of the schedule to avoid weather concerns.
Q. Do guests need to bring special clothing, shoes, etc?
A. Anytime you travel on the water you run the chance of getting wet, so first, plan on clothing and shoes that can withstand moisture, dry quickly, won’t fade, run, etc. Most boats today are built with skid-resistant surfaces, but you should wear shoes with a rubber sole, if possible, sneakers, cross-trainers, etc. You also need to dress for the weather and season. Dress the same way you would for an outing on land for that particular day. But, remember, even if the breeze makes you feel cool, there is very little shade on the water, so a wide-brim hat, long-sleeve shirts long-leg pants may be best for you. Of course, a good sunscreen is always recommended to avoid sunburn.
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