How did the Carolinas get their name?

A tale of two rivers and how they got their name?

The two rivers that form the Atlantic

If you ask some old school Charlestonian’s you may hear of how the two rivers on either sided of the cities Peninsula come together to form the Atlantic Ocean and the other oceans of the world. These two rivers do connect the history of South Carolina and the waters hold many stories that have had a major influence on the history of the USA. It started after the English civil war where king Charles II needed to pay back his war debts to 8 noblemen that helped him regain the crown once worn by his father, Charles I. He decided to to pay these 8 lords proprietors back with land that he decided to claim across the sea in the North America. The land was called Carolina, which is Latin for Charles. Carolina included all the land south of Virginia to Florida, and west as far as was known to exist. The one nobleman that took the most interest in the area was Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper. Thus, the rivers were renamed from Native American names Etiwan and Wando to the Ashley and the Cooper.

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