Boat Rental Charleston SC

The Charleston Harbor is known as one of the most difficult harbors to navigate in the United States.

Sand bars, tides, shoals, are everywhere and the channels change rapidly. Mistakes are easy to make and can be very expensive. Even experienced boat operators will hire a captain when they visit an area they are not familiar with. Spend your time enjoying yourself, and leave the driving to one of our local experts!

The Top 10 reasons for choosing and enjoying a boating excursion today:

  1. Be carefree – You drink, we’ll drive.
  2. No pressure on you to guess where the best fishing spot is today. Your captain was there just yesterday and can make you look like the hero.
  3. Impress your friends. When you’re out on the water just two hours after your call, you can tell them you have the captain on speed dial.
  4. Entertain your clients by suggesting that they sneak out of the office for an important business meeting, leaving word that they can’t be reached the rest of the day.
  5. Enjoy the love and gratitude of your family without having to pack up, gas up, pull, launch, trailer and clean the boat and the fish.
  6. You won’t hit out of bounds nor will you lose a single golf ball. NOTE: we recommend against you bringing your clubs to toss them overboard – the fish don’t want them, either.
  7. Since you don’t have the wheel, you can use both outstretched hands to practice showing the size of the one that got away.
  8. You can dress like Thurston Howell III, acting as if you own the yacht and the captain works for you.
  9. Make up your own history of the area where you’re cruising. It’s more fun when you make it up as you go.

And the #1 reason for choosing a boating excursion:

  1. Today you’re proving to the world that you’ve stopped procrastinating on the most important decisions in life.